The Penguin is Alleviator Bird. it is habitat on the Icy & rocky land. Here, I present some useful Penguin Information & Interesting facts. You can download  Picture of Penguin, Baby penguin images, Penguin Wallpaper, & Baby Penguin Images.

Penguin Fact & Information 

Penguin is a bird which is habituating in a Southern Hemisphere which is known as Antarctica Icy Lands. One Species of Penguin is to habitat in North Hemisphere (Galapagos Islands).

The Penguin is tall about 1m. Some fairy penguins are tall about 40m. The Penguin is lives in a crowd of the 50,000 Penguin in the world. They are spent their more time in water hunting for food. Penguin is a bird. They have wings but they are cant able to fly.

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The Penguin Overview

Penguin Scientific Name Aptendodytes Forsteri
Penguin Weight Maximum 210 Pounds
Penguin Height Minimum 1m – maximum 40m
Penguin Colour Black, White, Grey, Yellow
Hunting of Fish, lobster, squid
To be hunted by Leopard, Shark fish, Killer Whales  
Penguin Running Speed 65Km/H
Penguin Span of life Maximum 30 Years
Penguin Habitat  Cold Area
Rocky Land
Penguin Wing Span  1.96 Ft. to 4.2 Ft.

Penguin Images Free Download

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Penguin Wallpaper Photos 

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Funny Penguin Images 

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Cute Baby Penguin Images 

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